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Our offer

We offer complex services for executing your orders. Collaboration with us begins by a consultation with our engineers and salesmen and ends by unloading formatted materials in your company.


Thanks to broad expertise of our employees in the area of plastics processing and utilisation, we can offer our customers also consultations resulting in optimisation of your requirements. Consultations are available either by phone or personally directly in our company where our customer can look at material sample books of most of our products. Material samples are prepared for testing as well.


We can cut boards to blanks as required by the customer on our big format saw processing boards up to the size of 13 x 2.1 meters, in the thickness range of 1.5 to 30 mm as a standard against a cutting charge.


Selected boards including cut blanks are packed on palettes, wrapped and secured against moving by security bands. In case of non-standard formats, smaller amounts or delivery by a courier post, we secure the goods against damage at transportation. Most of goods supplied by Omniplast are covered by a protection foil from both sides already from the production.


We transport more than 90 % of goods directly to the customer by our car fleet. Routes of our cars cross regularly almost the whole Czech Republic. Standard materials can be shipped on the next day – today you order, tomorrow you will get the delivery. In urgent cases, we can supply formatted goods within a few hours.Materials not on store are usually already ordered from the producer and we must wait till their delivery to Omniplast. This can delay our delivery term of your goods for you by about a week. When ordering non-standard materials, which are suitable for keeping on stock and must be ordered in the production, the delivery period can be up to 2-5 weeks in dependence on material type.


It is very simple to purchase our goods. The customer selects relevant products on our website according to their intended application or other criteria. Your inquiry or order can go by phone or by e-mail. We agree delivery terms with you according to your order and the stock inventories.

Business hours of Omniplast are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., the order deadline is cca 3:00 – 3:30 a.m. Orders coming later can interfere with our route planning and must be sometimes shifted to the next day.

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